URP Daily News, Wed, May 4

Old interview with Magda Boulet while she was a competitive track and marathon runner. I had no idea she became a US citizen on Sep 11, 2001. Wow!

Blood testing can tell you a lot about your physiology and performance. Is it worth it? Have you tried it?

Ian’s Transvulcania preview. Should be a great race!

The Canyons 50/100k is this weekend too. Great course, tough competition, but unfortunately thunderstorms are in the forecast.

Two gals out for a run are mauled by a pack of Pitbulls.  Yes, I realize criticizing the breed makes some people hysterical, but there’s nothing that freaks me out more on a run than seeing one of them off its leash.

Hoka fans might be interested in checking out the re-birth of the MBT brand.

Short news day today. Sorry. What did I miss?  Had to get a good treadmill hill workout in.  Editing a new episode today and will hopefully release this evening or tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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