URP Daily News | Wednesday, Dec 19

Read this: Sabrina Little writes about cheating from an ethical perspective…in her own unique and humorous way.

Funny stuff: The immaculate birth of ultrarunning.

Why travel to Europe when you can run in the breathtaking Canadian Rockies for a fraction of the price? Check out the Transelkirks three and five day runs in Revelstoke BC where you not only get incredible trails, but catered meals, a comfy bed, and a swimming pool with swim up bar. Use URP at checkout for $100 off. 

Sixteen (!) Japanese guys went sub 2:10 this year. By my count, eighteen American men have ever run faster than that time.

Another incredibly detailed race report from Bob Hearn. (And check out Nick Coury’s splits! WOW)  I’ll be releasing Bob’s episode today or tomorrow. Stay tuned…he drops some serious knowledge.

Short news day today. I tried to post the rabbit poll yesterday but WP is giving me problems. Anyone know of a poll plug-in that integrates with Gutenberg, doesn’t require coding, and isn’t a pain in the butt?

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