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Read this. After winning Western, Pam Smith had a series of medical issues that resulted in fatigue, depression, prescriptions, and a revolving door of doctors, not to mention sub-par times–for her at least.  Then she finally discovered what the problems were and is all set for 2016. 

Justin’s Week in Review for IRF is right this way. I’m blown away by some of the guys who ran fast at XC nationals just one week after killing it at North Face.  Nice recovery!

I don’t know if this is cheating or what, but Serena Williams jumped in a cab halfway through the 5k that she hosted.  Gotta believe she could finish in a decent time, right?

Good questions/conversation posed by Outside: What if there were a drug or treatment that made exercise easier and posed no risk to the user? Non-athletes could become active and that’s a good thing, right?

And for something strange. Beer! The Musical!

Ever thought about running PTL (longest of the UTMB events)?  If not, this post will make you consider it.

Lake Sonoma 50 lottery will be announced tomorrow.  Looks like “one ticket” holders have a ~6/10 chance of entry, while those who didn’t get in last year are around an 8/10 chance of entry.

Lance won a 30k trail race in Woodside, CA yesterday.  I’m so conflicted on all of this right now, but here are my immediate thoughts: It doesn’t sit right with me that he won it.  Breaking the tape is a big deal and I wish someone else had that opportunity.  Also, I’d love for RDs to police their own registration lists for former/active cheaters, but asking that is pretty tough. At least explain to the public and paying registrants what that policy is and allow the market to sort it out. Finally, I’m already sick of writing about this and there doesn’t seem to be enough of a movement to actually do anything.

If drugs aren’t tricky enough to navigate, CX racing is dealing with transgender athletes and the issue of fairness.

I’m still tracking Jill’s training and preparation for the Iditarod Trail Invitational. This is what week 9 looks like.

I’m recording two interviews tomorrow!  Whew! Drywallers here all last week and the banging wasn’t too conducive to recording.

Some people read stories like this and are uplifted. Others are wracked with sadness.  I use them to stop feeling sorry for myself.

This guy is walking around the world. Here’s what he thinks about and why he’s doing it.  I think he’s thinking too much.

Dave Barry’s Holiday Gift Guides are always funny.

RE: Gordy.  He’s posted a lengthy explanation of his specific situation on his Facebook page. Too long to go into here, but it seems like it’s all worked out and everyone is happy.  My final comment on the matter: If someone could map the #letgordyrun people, my guess is the vast majority would all be outside of Northern California.  Just an observation.

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