URP Sip Sacs now available

sipsac beer

When you’re going undercover, is your paper bag insulated?

These are!

The Sip Sac koozie fits a can or 12oz beer perfectly, feels like paper on the outside, and is lined with insulating material on the inside. Awesome!

Or heck, use it as a pen and chopstick holder on yer desk!

For a limited time, grab 2 URP Sip Sac koozies and a sticker for a $12 donation to the site.

It’ll keep the site going and keep your beer cold in August. Win-win!

sipsac bag

Just click that link right down there and I’ll start sending them out ASAP.

This message will self destruct when all the Sip Sacs are gone.

Thanks again for all of your continued support. We truly couldn’t do this without you.

–Eric and Scotty

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