Urthel Samaranth Quadrium Ale

urthelThis has been a dangerously session-like beer for me for the last couple of months. It’s delicious, accessible and full-bodied, but (un)fortunately it tips the scale to a back-slouching 11.5% ABV.

Brewed in the Belgian Quadrupel style (which really means nothing), this bottle is available in most specialty beer stores and will set you back about $14. Based on my non-scientific price per ABV scale, it’s worth it.

The bottle throws major aroma highlighted by malts, dark fruit, and hops.  Without even pouring the bottle, it’s obvious this beer is going to make an impact. The head dies quickly, and surprisingly, little lacing is left on the tulip. The color is best described as dirty brown.

Mind you, I had this bottle while enjoying a rack of baby rack ribs with spicy BBQ sauce, and had no problem identifying the beer flavors through the main course. It’s really an amazing ale that, though packed with strong flavors, isn’t overwhelming one bit.

The high ABV is mainly hidden, and the most identifiable flavors would be malts, hops, and dark fruit (raising, currants, etc) and brown sugar. The sugar is strong at the front end, and is replaced by a sharp alcohol (think Brandy) at the finish. I’m sure a connoisseur or brewer could explain that in a scientific way, but that’s all I got.  Urthell Samaranth has got something for hopheads, malt lovers, and sweet, bready-like Belgian fans.

Would I recommend this as a great purchase? Yes?  As a gift to a good beer bud? Absolutely.

Go on, find a bottle and see for yourself.

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