Voodoo Doughnut Chocolate, Banana, and Peanut Butter Ale

The pink bottle has been staring at me for months and I finally gave in and bought the damn thing for $12 or so.

It’s tough…Rogue Brewery makes some of my favorite beer around (hello, Dirtoir Black Lager!), and this Pepto-pink creation seems so out of place…but it’s from Rogue…but it’s made with peanut butter…but I love their Lagers…but it freakin’ pink!…what the hell, here’s your money, don’t tell anyone you saw me buy this thing.

I found a mason jar to be appropriate for this ode to Elvis/white trash desert.  Voodoo Donut pours a big bubble head that immediately hits you with strong milk-chocolate aromas–nearly as strong as Caldera Brew’s Mogli–and that’s saying something.  Olfactory-wise, that’s all about all I got.

At drink, I picked up a ton of synthetic bananas…not the sweet and deep bananas that are prevalent in Saisons, but a “banana candy” type of taste that didn’t sit well with me.  There is also a sour peanut butter back to it that didn’t help me change my mind.

About half way through, I realized that this beer really tastes like two bottles mixed into one. One, a decent malty brown with roasted and slightly sour nuts, and two, some sort of weird banana soda beverage most likely sold in South Korea.

Finally, although it’s only 5.5% ABV, the alcohol comes through very strong.  It’s on the nose, but mainly on the tongue, and perhaps without, the beer would be even worse.

I would not recommend this beer for anything other than a white elephant party.IMG_2142

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