Walter Handloser | Fifty Hundred Milers in One Year

Think back to the last hundred miler you ran and the amount of planning and logistics it took. Walter Handloser is planning on doing that nearly every single weekend in 2019 in his quest to run 50 hundred mile races in one year.

But let’s back up a bit. Up until just a few years ago, Walt struggled with weight and decided to start running, lifting weights, and boxing, ultimately losing over 100 pounds. He picked up ultras and went in full force, finding his place in the community and balancing his disordered eating with a healthier lifestyle.

Walter Handloser
Walter Handloser, pre weight loss.

This year alone, Walt has run nine hundred milers or two hundred milers and fourteen sub 100 ultramarathons. Next year, he plans on doubling that number, but exclusively with hundred mile races. Wow.

Walter Handloser.
and Walter Handloser, post-weight loss.

Walt Handloser Episode Notes

Here’s the spreadsheet Walt put together to track races, distances, travel, cost, etc. Be sure to check out the tabs and let him know if you’re aware of any races on/around January 7 or May 12.

Here’s his ultrasignup. Incredible.

And here’s the FB page dedicated to the Half Hundreds Hundreds.

Here’s Sarah’s article from 2011 that Walt used to help plan his adventure.

Walt’s award for best vibe goes to the Crown King Scramble. Sounds awesome!

Walter handloser
Walter handloser

Gear: Walt uses INOV-8 wide shoes (I referenced this twitter account in the talk…she’s asked about wide trail shoes many a time) and the Women’s Osprey Dyna pack.

Here’s the book Sarah referenced: Educated: A Memoir 
Here’s the book series Walt mentioned. (updated from original posting)

Sarah met Walt at Ouray, where he finished third. Here’s Sarah’s account of her not-so-perfect race, but hey, had she finished the whole 100, she may have not met Walt and we may have never had the chance to talk with him!

I mentioned Lake Sonoma…the lottery is opening soon!

Here’s our interview with another prolific hundred miler, Ed “the Jester” Ettinghausen.

Intro music by David Rosales. Outro music by Matt Flaherty.

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