WayTooCool Preview Couples Edition: Tollefsons and Roches

In this first ever couples edition, I chat with both Tim and Lindsay Tollefsen and David and Megan Roche…two extremely fast couples who will be at Cool this weekend.


In the interviews, I learn about how nervous Lindsay is to run on the trails (this is her first 50k), and Tim talks about who’ll be up at the front of the fella’s race.

David is DNSing due to an injury, but he’ll be there cheering Megan on. She’s only done a few ultras, but she’s got some serious leg speed and has a strong chance of winning the race. This is certainly her type of course.

I ask both couples who’s better at grocery shopping, whether we should expect any super-fast kids soon, and of course, we have some beer (and, ahem, cider) talk.

Episode Notes

Outro music: You’re the First, My Last, My Everything by Barry White

Eric and Tim. Pic by Nate Dunn.
Eric and Tim. Pic by Nate Dunn.





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