WayTooCool Preview: Ryan Bak and Pat Smyth

You’ve heard talk about the new breed of runner entering 50ks.  These two guys are examples of what we’re talking about.  Though neither has much experience at this distance, they’re each widely expected to stand atop the podium on Saturday.


Ryan Bak has a 2:14 marathon PR with hopes of running a 2:10 in the near future. He’s also finished a few ultras.   And though Pat has never finished a 50k (he’s only tried once, at Speedgoat, no less), he’s got a 62 minute half marathon. Both Ryan and Pat have years of experience in mountain running, cross country, and shorter-distance trail events and it should be awesome to see them combine those talents at Cool.

I talk to each of them about converting from short distances to 50ks, what they expect on Saturday, and what they’ve learned from their last race.

Episode Notes:

Ryan Bak’s personal and coaching site is here.

Pat tweets here.

Way Too Cool 50k site is here.

Outro music: Steal my Sunshine by LEN



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