WayTooCool Preview: Stephanie Howe and Serena Wilcox

Two women will be lining up at Way Too Cool on Saturday with two very different backgrounds.

howe wilcox pic


Stephanie Howe won Western States last year and is widely considered a top contender for any event she enters. I ask her about her honeymoon, skimo, and her busy busy life.

Serena has won Vermont 100 and a variety of other races on the East Coast, but she’s only using Way Too Cool as a primer for an attempt to best her time at Western States this year.

They say the trails in Vermont are rocky, but you’ll have to listen to Serena’s story to hear just how rocky they’ve been.  Truly an amazing story of perseverance.

Episode Notes:

Stephanie runs for The North Face and blogs here.

Outro music: Born To by Jesca Hoop

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