We say thanks with a Pliny

As a big Thank You to those who’ve helped us out, we’re giving away two bottles of fresh Pliny the Elder DIPA, along with some URP swag.

We work hard on the site, but it’s you all who make it possible to share it with the world, and for that we thank you.

There are a few requirements to be eligible:

  1. You must have visited our donation aid station in the past six months (since Aug 19, 2013) and have made a IMG_4830donation in any amount.  This is a special thanks to those people.
  2. You have to live outside of California. We get this stuff fairly regularly and want to share the wealth.
  3. Leave a reply here using the same email that your paypal account is attached to (it won’t be visible to the public, don’t worry), we’ll number the responses, and my 4yo will choose a number out of a hat. Both bottles are going to one winner. If you prefer to stay anonymous, shoot me (eric) an email.
  4. That’s it. We’re not gonna make you share this a million times on social media, jump through hoops, or tweet it to the world. Only fine print is to be 21yo and live in the US.

If we were with you, we’d saddle up and buy you a beer and say thanks, but this’ll have to do for now.

Don’t worry, Californians and int’l listeners, we’ll figure out a way to thank you too.

A winner will be chosen Sunday night at 8pm PST.

Thanks for supporting URP! You guys allow us to do what we do and we sincerely thank you.

Scotty and Eric

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