Wed, Aug 15

As of this writing (4am Wed), Victor Ballesteros has left Brockway Summit (mile 146) and still making an audacious and awesome attempt at completing the 165 mile TRT, despite the record being passed last night. The other three runners dropped, but anyone who knows Victor knows he’s tough and can close the deal.

Here’s live tracking. What an awesome app! One of his pacers, Dalius, uses it on his iPhone and we’ve been able to “watch” him in real time. It’s only $1.99…certainly not the best thing for a marriage, but for a long run or race…very cool!

When to listen to your body.

Look at that ass! Pic by Brandon or Kim Fuller

The finer points of burro racing, courtesy of G-Zizzle.

Work all you want, but sometimes it comes down to genetics.

A rough translation of doping’s prevelance in Kenya.

Best doping excuse ever.

Maybe it was a bunch of runners and they thought it was an aid station?

So now we’re supposed to watch our heart rate when we’re sleeping?

Leadville 100 race preview.

Porn video: Anton and Kilian scaling mountains, running on cliffs, you know…

The benefits of ice baths. Brrrr….reminds me of my HS running days.

Looking for some technical singletrack around Tahoe? Here’s a short section with explicit directions and pics. Enjoy.

Do you have what it takes to captain an aid station?

***I’ll be on vacation for the next few days in San Diego (trails, beaches, beer, bummer!) so updates may be short.



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