Wed, Aug 22

This gal finished Badwater, then kept on going. Awesome!

Grand Canyon fastpacking/ultrarunning becomes a problem.  Please read.

Galen shows in just a few pics and words why Yosemite is so awesome.

“Let me be entirely clear about this: I, like the hundreds of obviously juiced cyclists who also passed them, never failed one of those shitty tests that you can basically learn how to beat by reading Internet message boards,” Armstrong said.

I think he’s talking about this.

Ten point plan to improving your nutrition. Doesn’t look like much fun.

Cool interview with Richard Bowles, the guy running 5300kms across Australia, courtesy of the guys at Ultra168.

Ed Ayres answers the question “What do you think about when running” with a wonderful thought.

How much exercise is too much?

So it looks like PCTR is back. Can’t tell who owns it, but let’s wait and see. This guy isn’t too happy.

Tim Long and Lucho at Leadville. Photo Rob Timko.

Lucho’s Leadville race report.

Speaking of Leadville, Matt Trappe was there snapping pics. Check them out.

A Hiker’s Guide, courtesy of Language warning.

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