Wed, Aug 29

Lauren Fleshman is over the Olympics.

If there were an award for best ultrarunner/photographer (ultrographer?), it’d be a tossup between Joe Grant and Leor Pantilat. Here’s the latter’s latest submission. Mindblowing!

Finding your ideal running form.

Meanwhile, Ian Sharman serves up some trail porn from the Green Lakes Trail in Bend, OR.

The World Mountain Running Championships are coming up soon. Here’s the info on the US team.

Another great story about how a couple balances running and family.

Croix Sather breaks the unsupported Badwater-Whitney crossing record, previously held by Marshall Ulrich. ¬†Yes, there’s some controversy to go along with it that I’ll try to figure out later.

Neat little video on Mike Foote: America’s fastest yurt-dwelling ultrarunner.

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