Wed, Aug 8

Have you seen this insane lineup of events for Lake Tahoe Endurance week? 3 marathons in 3 days? 2 circumnavigations (72 miles each) in 2 days? Speed golf? Fun!

Here’s a great story on that guy who’s running the Olympic Marathon without a country.

Dakota talks about the progression of endurance and climbing events.

Finally, the answer. What to do with your race bibs. Coasters! I gotta believe I could figure out how to do this myself, but even if I fail, $22 isn’t that bad.

Seven ways to simplify your meal planning.  I’m convinced my new eating habits are a huge factor in my increased fitness/speed/recovery time right now, so I’m going full bore on eating well.

What we can learn from Farah and Rupp’s 1-2 in the 10k.

Good stuff: A runner and a coach reflects on the changes and continuity of HS XC.

Wyatt Hornsby drops some info for first time Leadvillians. Is that the word?

So the Fed Appeals Court decides that cheerleading isn’t a sport, essentially because to be a sport it “must have competition to be its primary goal.” Interesting.  I’m certainly not going to argue the merits of cheerleading (but please, for the sake of HS boys, don’t get rid of it!), but are casual runners who don’t compete regularly participating in a sport?  See the discussion on our Facebook page.


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