Wed, Dec 12

Ben Lewis on pacing his wife at TNEF: I paced her for the last half of the run.  It was an interesting experience seeing the front end of a competitive female field.   As far as I can tell, this unique microcosm is marked by fierce intensity and complete absence of any form of verbal exchange or eye-contact, even in the face of repeated invitations.


How to get faster at running, in 40 easy steps.


Now if you stay at a Westin hotel, you can borrow some New Balance gear. Cool, I guess.


Oh, get over it, Geoff.


Nick Clarke’s vertical beer mile, take 3.


Good article on training on stairs.  As someone who lives in the flatlands, I’ve become very familiar with our local parking garage and its 120 stairs. Ugh.


Feel like taking a survey on your running?


More on Jez Bragg’s trek across Kiwiland.


Shorter workout of the week: How to finish fast.



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