Wed, Dec 19

Mt. Everest at 2,000,000,000 pixels. Zoomable and awesome.


I promise that watching this video will make you feel good.


If you listened to our new podcast with Caitlin Smith, you heard Scotty give me a bottle of porter at the end of the show. Here’s my review on it.


Speaking of beer, should you be able to buy beer on eBay?


Pike’s Peak Highway will be open to cyclists on Jan 1. I tried and tried to find a witty “fiscal cliff” remark but gave up.


The Comrades champ who tested dirty is claiming testing irregularities.  Regardless, I can’t stop saying his last name.


On aging elite marathoners.  What’s the trend for elite (sorry Geoff) ultramarathoners? Get old and stick to age groups or give up and stick to the sidelines?


Some more creative gifts for us runners.  And here’s one for that friend/relative who won’t stop smoking.


Our Haiku contest (and ISIS for Women) winner from yesterday is Jess with this:

Each foot falls in sync

with the breath-beauty of leaves

on a hilly trail.


How academics explain the newfound obstacle course trend. Still not interested.


Some of my favorite race FAQs.


Have you seen this crazy Solowheel thing Barefoot Ted is cruising around on? Can ya add that to my gift list Santa?


Brand new edition of my favorite running mag…Trail Run Mag.  Free Download here.  Great pics and superb writing.



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