Wed, Dec 26

Are we genetically designed to explore?


Here’s a great article on hill training. h/t tip to Don’s Diary.


Geoff Roes’ Year in Review.



Will you just taste the soup?!?


For everyone getting ready to make changes come Jan 1, the Angry Jogger has some advice on what it takes to change yourself.  And yes, peyote and Depeche Mode are involved.


Kevin Tilton’s year in review…in pictures. Yeah, I’m jealous.



Streak in January and ya might win some swag from Sherpa John. Just don’t get arrested.


Leor drops some wicked Year in Review porn on us.


Video from the Coast to Kosciuszko 240k in Oz where they use roadkill as a course marker.


Merry Christmas from Scotty and I.  It’s been quite a year, and we’ve still got some of it left.  One question: Which listener is this?


Has exercise made our brains larger?


Have you read the Running Manifesto?


Get to know Lizzy Hawker.

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