Wed, Dec 5

TNF race report from Sarah Lavender Smith with a special cameo appearance.  A must-read on how to handle a mental bonk. Well done Sarah!

…and here’s Galen Burell’s take on his second real ultra.  Good lessons, too.

The benefits of a killer training week.

I’ve never met a constipated endurance runner. Regardless, it bears repeating: Poop before you run.

Looks like Anton’s schedule from a couple of years ago. Is he back?

Speaking of AK, did you see my review of the Ultimate Direction AK Race Vest?

Badass Aussie/RSA runner Mike LaRoux and his wife are moving to Colorado to become RD’s. Show me a calendar!

The Competitor Group and its other subsidiaries (RnR) have been sold.

Here we go again about the dangers of ibuprofen.

How to stay fit over the holidays: Some very sane and motivating advice from the Angry Jogger.

DJs got PF.

One runner’s top ten songs of 2012.

Friendly reminder to know your surroundings and dress appropriately so ya don’t get shot.


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