Wed, July 18

Frank Schleck proves, once again, why cycling needs a complete overhaul.  Or, just let them all dope and have a crazy new event.

Mike Morton ran across Death Valley for 135 miles and missed the record by just over 80 damn seconds.

Scott Dunlap trains his butt off then busts his toe on a luggage cart.

What’s under your running skirt? I’m not sure how to answer this question.

Another epic run and photo shoot from Leor. This time, with a bear!

High intensity workouts are proving better for weight loss than long, slow jogs. Here’s the article, and here’s the science.

The next few days will be iffy for URP Daily News. I’ll be at a small lake in between Yosemite and Kings Canyon (Shaver Lake) with questionable intrawebz. Don’t worry about me, there are some killer trails to be discovered and I’ve got a few bottles of Brux to take care of.

Cool running video with Rudy Project athlete Chris Price.

Matt from Inside Trail (and from last year’s AJW “academic” brouhaha) posts some…uh…provocative thoughts on what hundreds do to the ultra scene.

…speaking of longevity, is Usain Bolt still the World’s Fastest Runner?

…and speaking of (Inside Trail’s) Matt’s post last year, Geoff Roes is still trying to figure out what he’s doing.


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