Wed, July 6

PCTR shuts its doors. A ton can (and has) been said about what’s happened, but the fact remains that PCTR introduced an astronomical number of people to trail running in Northern California, including myself.

Day 71 of this guys little jaunt across Australia.

Salt, we misjudged you.

Is isopropyl alcohol a cure for ultrarunning nausea?

Today is National Running Day. Cheers!

Running tattoos. These are some lame examples, but I’ve also seen some pretty good ones. I like subtlety.

How does track speed translate to mountain trail running?

Speed up healing by eating these recovery foods.  Turns out drowning your sorrows in beer doesn’t work.

Pro Tip: Don’t buy a “male enhancement product” if you’re in the Olympics.

This author asks “are athletes using painkillers as performance enhancing drugs?”  How is our sport supposed to answer this, with regards to ibuprofen?


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