Wed, June 13

Footfeathers’ Race Report from San Diego 100.

For the first time since I was a kid, I’ve been rollerblading recently and loving it.  I got some killer blades and I hit the bike path for 90 minutes hard. Am I fully aware of the stigma that unfortunately comes with the territory? Yes. Could I be ahead of a trend? Whoa.

Barefoot running takes off…too fast?

One-armed Gene. Photo by Paul Delane.

How to deal with snakes on trail runs.  My old XC coach, Gene Blankenship, lost his arm to a snake on a run and that’s always in the back of my head.

The science: How Running Keeps You Lean, Fit, and Young.

Sarah Lavender Smith interviews Victor Ballesteros.

Wyatt discovers an overlooked aspect of 100 mile training.

Jurek will be in San Francisco tonight for a group run and talk. Here’s the calendar.

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