Wed, May 30

So Killian announced his next big thing and it looks like he’s headed to Everest.

…speaking of Everest..the Everest Marathon just took place.

Day one of the new diet complete. After receiving myriad emails from people (nutritionists, experts, including Arnstein himself), I’m going to ease into it more than I had planned. I’ll be a Fruitarian until dinner, then have lightly sautéed vegetable and grains. Still, no meat, no caffeine, no nuts, no beer.  Aside from sores in my mouth from eating 8 oranges yesterday, I’m feeling fine.

My oldest is almost 3yo, but I can’t wait for the day when I get to do this.

Ryan Sandes is all set to tackle Western States next month.

Though she wasn’t born here, the US has got our first green number runner at Comrades next weekend.



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