Wed, Nov 14

It doesn’t need to be in English for me to know that Kilian is a badass.

Here’s a list of the most incredible themed races. Nude runs scare me the most.

Roes stirs the pot again with regards to the homogeneity of our races, but I get his point.

The Angry Jogger battles his cheese addiction. Again, salty language.

Speaking of diet, I’m taking Meredith’s Holiday Challenge and am logging my meals (yes, snacks too, Eric) with a target of less than 2k calories a day.  I discovered recently that my bowl of granola in the morning is 8 times (seriously) the serving size.  Hey, there’s room for improvement!

Sleeping your way to the top. How much do you get?

So this guy is running 7 ultras in 7 days on 7 continents and he’s raised about $15k for his cause. I gotta believe the flights (especially to Antarctica) cost more than that, right?

This gal completed a bunch of events in a short time as well, but she posed with a beer.

Weight loss Pepsi?

How your period affects your running. Not mine, yours.

Got chased by a dog yesterday and it made me think of this. Runners (trail runners especially) are some of the most dog friendly people I know, yet so many dogs hate us. What gives?

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