Wed, Nov 28

Ellie’s race plans for next year. Yeah, I’m jealous.

Here’s a small photo album from the mountain trails of southern Australia. I’ve never been there, but I wasn’t expecting that.

Reaaaally? This writer puts Wolfe as a “could make the podium” for TNEF. Worst. Prediction. List. EVER.  Meanwhile, Mr. Roes offers his opinions on what to watch for. Much better.

Speaking of TNEF, is anyone staying in/near Tiburon that could offer me a ride Sat morning? I’ll have a ride back, but I can’t bear to wake my wife up when both kids are sick. Please email me at [email protected] if that’s possible. Thank You!  Beer’s on me.

Movie Trailer: The Mountain Runners.

Interesting article/interview with Japanese olympic marathoner who broke down this year and how he’s building himself back up.

Solarweasel’s tour of the Utah trails last week with some great pics. This gets me excited for Zion100 in April!

Lucho seems to have his head in the right place.

The Angry Jogger offers his hilarious (and NSFW language) advice on running success. Tip: Don’t get into fistfights with Scottish women.

Here’s a podcast (not ours) with Frank the Tank/Buddy the Elf/Ron Burgundy/Chazz Michael Michaels/Will Ferrell where he talks all about his running. I haven’t listened yet, but it’s on my list.

The USATF MUT Council announces their Runners of the Year in a few categories. Most make sense assuming that it’s limited to US runners only.

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