Wed, Nov 7

This dog is a way better downhill runner than you are.

Should you use ice or heat on an injury.

I think I’m adding Zion 100 to my schedule next year. I loooove that part of the country and timing seems right.

Hostility lingers over the NYC Marathon cancellation. I don’t recall this much controversy over the WS cancellation in 2010.  We got together, shrugged our shoulders, had a few beers, and went on a run.

Very interesting: How stress can impact your workout.

Military couple runs UTMB.

UK writer goes beyond 26.2 and isn’t done exploring.

Looking for a picturesque run in Rio de Janeiro?

The Angry Jogger takes on drinking and running. As always, salty language.

Extreme mountain unicycling through the Dolomites.

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