Wed, Oct 10

Whoa, this gal went from a 10k to a 24hr run in one fell swoop.  Now she’s heading to Kona.

Adam Campbell is a total freaking stud. He just bagged a 2:35 marathon wearing a full suit in Australia.

Wyatt changes some things up and keeps others the same. Good stuff.

Interesting: The business of track and field contracts.

A genetic test for exercise.

Yeah, I’m totally obsessed with sours right now, eschewing a bottle of Pliny for a good Flemish Red with no hesitation.  Here’s more on what they’re all about.  If sours were an IPO, I’d buy big. Watch them replace IPAs as the craft beer of choice.

Does running a mile always burn the same amount of calories?

Another tool gets busted for catching a bus midway through a marathon.

I don’t know what a Bob Graham Round is, but I do know that these runners are eating steak pies at aid stations, so I’m guessing it’s pretty hardcore.


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