Wed, Oct 17

The Sweat Science Guy discusses which activity burns more calories…interval training or sustained endurance.

What’s wrong with Everest. Interesting read.

Geoff Roes discusses the aspects of a great trail running town.

Here’s a 38 mile ultra in the UK that, if the picture is any indication of the course, is pretty intense.

Salty language alert:  The Angry Jogger writes his future self a letter on why he needs to get out of bed and run. Funny stuff.

Lance dropped from NIKE and LIVESTRONG.  What a doper.

This “study” claims that traditional shoe runners are 3.41% more likely to be injured than their minimalist brethren. That debate is a good one, but my problem is the sampling of the participants…self-reporting on the internet?

Ha! I’ve got a ton of these, too, though most of mine are individuals that I find on the trail and bring home.


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