Wed, Oct 24

12 perfect pumpkin beers.

Charlie Engle is out of prison and ready to get back in the swing of things.

This crazy device injects gels into your hydration tubes.  All I can think of is how messy it all must be to clean.

90 year old completes ultra marathon.  He was ticking off 24 minute miles, but we’ll give him a break considering his age and weather.

I’ve never flown to race anywhere, but if I do, this article has some good tips.

Good discussion: Can shoe choice contribute to injury?

Speaking of which…great article on minimalism’s effect on the trail shoe industry.

Great gear review from the Ultra168 boys. Garmin vs Suunto.

Tour de France pictures from 1953.

Here’s an awesome video of Nikki Kimball running some sick trails. That is one tough woman.


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