Wed, Oct 3

So you’ve heard about multi-day, self-supported stage races. Do you really understand how they work and what it takes to participate? Check out our new interview with Sarah Lavender Smith (link fixed), fresh off the heels from the Grand to Grand Ultra.  You’re not afraid of snakes, are you?

The Sweat Science guy tackles compression gear. Interesting findings, but I agree, looking at the differences between the two garments would change your expectations of your performance, and thus nullify the study.  But here’s someone else who swears by them. FTR, I’m a huge fan of compression gear for recovery, I have just yet to find the benefits during a run.

“The person who loves the process has a much greater chance of success than the person who loves the outcome.” More here.

Why cross country rules.

Aside from ultra-distance events, the 10 miler is my favorite, and this weekend there’s quite a field gathering in the midwest.  The ladies will be given a head start for an “equalizer” type race to the finish. Aside from obvious trail-clogging issues, this would be an interesting new format for an ultra, wouldn’t it?

Roes weighs in on the racial and economic diversity on the trails. Expect a week of stupid racial barbs and quasi-political rants to fill the blogosphere until someone brings up DK again.

OK, even with this new-found information, I’ll keep eating these.  To justify it, I’ll just say they’re far healthier than this monstrosity.

The fastest way to cool down a beer.

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