Wed, Sep 12

Coming to a consensus on cheating.  Good stuff from Mr. Roes.

Karl’s odds for Run Rabbit Run.

Very cool! Lucho will be a guest speaker at Footfeathers’ Running Clininics in San Francisco.

More 100 mile records fell this past weekend in both the mens and women’s categories of the Superior 100. The female winner (her first hundo!) ran with a splitting a headache for the first 50 miles. Ugh.

Always interesting stuff on VO2 max from the Sweat Science guy.

That costs how much? Trail run prices are skyrocketing in New Zealand.

Photo Leor Pantilat

Six summits loop in the Desolation Wilderness, courtesy of Leor Pantilat. More pics right here.

Yesterday I sent stickers to Honk Kong, New Zealand, Sweden, and….a federal penitentiary in Colorado.  Who knew?

Nine essential cookbooks for the plant based athlete.

What not to do when injured.

We’re interviewing this guy tomorrow.  Should be fun!

…and on that note, I’m off to Santa Rosa to go shopping with my wife visit Russian River Brewery.

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