Wed, Sep 26

12 great lessons on life and running.

This guy will be summiting Mt. Royal (10,502 ft) in Colorado every single day for a year. He’s a week in already, all for a good cause.

Thanks to everyone who helped out in our Facebook discussion about my sore achilles and ankles. I’ve switched to a shoe with more of a drop…the Brooks Green Silence. Wore it a few years ago and I’m loving it again.

Evolution Loop. Pic by Leor Pantilat

Here he goes again…Leor running crazy trails and snapping incredible pictures. This time, while setting an FKT on the Evolution Loop in the High Sierra.

Kinesio tape…do you use it? Info here and here on its effectiveness. My thoughts? Placebos work.

HS XC runners stops mid race to save a kids life, then finishes the race.

Is more exercise always better? This study followed 44k men for 22 years, so it’s worth a look.

Is this the bike that will break 100 mph? And if you’re not a member of the Clymb, you’re missing some crazy good deals. Please use this link to sign up. Thanks.

Grand to Grand Ultra is dropping the ball on race coverage. They were fine on day one, but nothing since.  At $3,200 per person to register, they need to do better.  Anyone have any updates?

Dusty Olson (Jurek’s friend) has been battling Lyme Disease, and it ain’t over yet.

Dakota sure is a sassy little fella, isn’t he?

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