Wed, Sep 5

Did you hear our new podcast with Wyatt Hornsby? I learned a lot about Leadville, massage, and (ultra)marathon workouts.

Ultra lingo?

Ellie’s race report and awesome pics from CCC 100k.

OK, I envy the heck out of these guys.

Kilian might get ticketed for cutting the course on his recent Tetons FKT.

Recipe: If you’ve got a bunch of extra tomatoes, here’s a great (and easy and healthy) gazpacho recipe.  Tastes really delicious right after a tough run with a crisp lager or Gewürztraminer.

Great article by Ian Torrence on how to peak for an ultra. I’ve been fascinated by this subject for awhile and welcome the info.

15 best 80s songs for your running playlist? Eh, some of them yeah.  I’ll pass on the rest.

Just found out that Russ “The Kansas City Kid” will be at the Inside Trail race on Sunday. I won’t be running, but I’ll be there with the kiddos getting dirty.

11.5% abv. Beware!Beer: If you come across a bottle of Urthel Samaranth by De Leyerth Brouwerijen (thank god for cut and paste), BUY IT. Yeah, it’s $15 or so, but it’s a big huge Belgian farmhouse quadruple ale that’s perfectly balanced, crisp, malty, hoppy, sweet..everything a beer should be.

On chafing.

Pretty good recap of a new runners take on Leadville. What worked, what didn’t, his training, etc.

Who will I disappoint? Good stuff from Running Times.


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