Western States President John Trent Interview

Sarah and I sat down with Western States Endurance Run President John Trent to get his take on the MUT world, Western States in particular, and what we should expect in the future.  John’s got a great story about how he got into ultrarunning, what the WS Board is chartered with doing, and where he sees the race in the future.

Original Grand Slammer Tom Green (l) and John Trent (r)
Original Grand Slammer Tom Green (l) and John Trent (r)

In this podcast we discuss:

  • Steroids in the sport.
  • Montrail’s last year of sponsorship and the end of the Montrail Ultra Cup.
  • The Western States entry process.
  • Big decisions made by the Board.
  • Prize money and how it affects competition.
  • What kinds of beer his daughters like.
A Trent family affair
A Trent family affair

Episode notes:

Here’s the Board’s homepage.

Sarah’s site.

Outro music: Strong me Strong by Yellowman.

John with champion Stephanie Howe
John with champion Stephanie Howe

Products mentioned:

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