Western States Roundup

Here are URP podcasts from the top ten finishers from last year, in addition to the usual suspects of elites, characters, and ne’er do wells.  Some of these are from years ago and some more recent, but the stories never change.

You know their running resumes and what they expect, but do you know what makes ’em tick? What’s in their fridge? What kind of beer do they like?

Whew! Looks like we better start talking with some more ladies! How’d that happen?


M1     Tim Olson

M4     Dave Mackey

M5     Ian Sharman

M7     Dylan Bowman

Karl Meltzer

Jacob Rydman

Hal Koerner

Yassine Diboun

Mike Morton

Gordy Ainsleigh

Andy Jones Wilkins

Race Director Craig Thornley


F1     Ellie Greenwood and here too (not running)

F4     Krissy Moehl (not running)

F8     Amy Sproston

F10  Meghan Arbogast

Catra Corbett

See you all on Saturday! We’ll be traipsing around the course, then will likely meet up in Foresthill for some celebratory ales.  Stop by and say hi!

We’ll be live-uploading tons of pics to the URP website so be sure to check in.

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