Whiteout (Witbier)

Brewed by Anchorage Brewing Company, this bottle was offered to me as something “interesting” and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  In short, the first pour of from the 750mL bottle was completely different from the last pour.

Photobomb by my wife.

The smell is white-aley with some hoppy accents, lemon, and a distinct chardonnay back to it. Makes sense, as it’s aged in French Oak Chardonnay barrels.

It’s quite bubbly (not a lot of head though) and first comes across as pretty bitter at first.  Kind of ho-hum.  Nothing extreme, but the bret doesn’t come through for a few minutes, along with more Wit spices and flavors. Some sourness, some bitter, some spicy, some carbonation with thin bubbles…really good stuff. It tastes like a white ale blended with a wit, and some bret and carbonation added. I think this was a pricy bottle–$14 or so–but I’d buy it again and let it breathe before drinking it.


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