Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!



As a big thanks to those who keep the site going, I like to open up the URP prize vault and give back to those who’ve helped ultrarunnerpodcast flourish.

Cool shirt. Stupid pose.
Cool shirt. Stupid smile.

This month, thanks to Jake at, Heather H. from San Mateo, CA is getting this sweet RUN HARD – DRINK BEER shirt.  I’ve got one, it’s a soft, form fitting poly cotton blend in heather gray, and it shows your love and appreciation for running and beer! All I’ve got is a small…hope it fits!

Again, thanks so much to those who’ve helped out at the donation aid station store by purchasing stickers, koozies, or choosing a monthly subscription.  I chose Heather’s name at random from those who’ve contributed anything in the past four weeks.

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You!


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