WS100 Preview – Regular guys Kyle Kugler and Scott Salisberry

Kyle Kugler and Scott Salisberry

Kyle (l) and Scott (r)
Kyle (l) and Scott (r)
We met Kyle in the parking lot of Squaw Valley two years, on the eve of his first ever hundred, and interviewed him here with his dad (who coincidentally finished WS in the ’80s.)  Kyle finished Western (silver buckle on his first attempt!), and is coming back for more, despite doing most of his training on a landfill in Florida and preparing for a wedding.
And Scott Salisberry made his first attempt at a hundred last year, but had to bail at mile 30. He’s only been running ultras for two years, he’s a 52 year old smoke jumper, but he’s got some big plans for Western…and beyond.
Outro Music: Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World, by U2.

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