Zach Bitter Interview July ’14

Pic1We’ve spoken with Zach on the show twice before. Once before his inaugural hundred in ’12, and once in Dec’ 13 after he busted Yiannis Kouros’ 12 hour record.  Zach currently has the WR for the 12 hr and the AR for the hundred miler (a speedy 11:47.)

Today he joins me talk about his upcoming 12 hour at SixDaysInTheDome in Alaska where he’s looking to break records again.  Take notes folks, he plans on running sub 3hr marathon pace for 100 dang miles.

Let’s find out how he does it, what he eats, how he trains, and what drives him towards success.

Episode Notes:

Zach runs for Altra footwear

Here’s his site with his coaching information.

Team RWB Trail Running Camp

Outro music: Take it Back, by Pink Floyd

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