Zach’s Bacon, Liver, and Onions

Zach Bitter ran a hundred miles in well under twelve hours (that’s, ahem, 7:04 mpm) last year and shared his tale image007during this awesome interview.  He runs for Vespa, Ultimate Direction, and Altra, takes nutrition seriously, and is dialed in to hopefully crush some more records this year.

Here he shared a recipe for what gets him going:

Bacon and Calf Liver


  • Bacon (2-4 strips)
  • Onions (half cup diced)
  • Fresh Calf Liver (4 oz)
  • Sour Cream (2-4 tbls.)
  • Ground Turmeric (2 tsp.)
  • Himalayan Sea Salt (to taste)
  • Green vegetable(s) of choice (2-3 cups)image001


  1. Cut bacon strips into smaller pieces (size of a nickel)
  2. Dice ½ cup of onions
  3. Mix bacon pieces and onions into a frying pan and cook on low (the process can be sped up by cooking on high, but I don’t like to overheat meat)
  4. Once bacon and onions are cooked to ½  of desired level, add 4 oz slice of fresh calf liver (cook in bacon grease; if there isn’t enough add butter or coconut oil).
  5. Once fresh calf liver is cooked, slice up into small pieces.
  6. Mix green vegetable(s) of choice in pan with bacon, liver, and onionsimage003
  7. Add sour cream, turmeric, and Himalayan sea salt

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