Hardrock 100 Lottery Lawsuit

It was bound to happen, but I figured a Californian would lead the way with litigation regarding an ultramarathon lottery lawsuit. 

hardrock lottery lawsuit

Click here to read the complaint post that the litigant hopes will to lead to a Class Action case against the Hardrock 100.  To me, it seems like a scare tactic to force the HR BOT’s hand, but who knows how far an aggrieved ultrarunner will go? Especially one that’s finished the race twice?

Here’s how it starts:

1.  The Hardrock 100 has committed numerous acts of fraud and misrepresentation in connection with their raffle.
2.  The Hardrock 100 raffle is illegal under federal law and the laws of New Mexico and Colorado.
3.  The Hardrock 100 has breached their contract with thousands of prospective entrants by not following their own printed rules, and omitting material facts from their website.
4.  The Hardrock 100’s misrepresentations about the conduct of the raffle violate the Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act.
5.  The Hardrock 100 has wrongfully deprived qualified runners of an entry by violating their own rules and allowing a Race Director’s son to run the race, even though he was not properly qualified.
6.  The Hardrock 100 has engaged in illegal, unpermitted, reckless, dangerous and destructive “trail work.”
7.  The Hardrock 100’s Entry Selection Procedures violate Equal Protection Laws.
8.  The Hardrock 100 has still not released their 2015 tax returns to us, despite several requests.
hardrock 100 lottery lawsuit
Forget “lottery karma”, it may come down to this.
Curiously, the name attributed to the post is Aaron Denberg, who’s ultrasignup shows him finishing Hardrock most recently in 2012.

I know we’ve got a number of attorneys on here, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

What do you think?
Fair argument?
Is this the way to handle it?  
Does he have a point that since it’s on public lands, it should be more fair?
I know there are quite a few attorneys who read the News, and I’d love your take(s) on it.

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