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Gordy Ainsleigh ran Western for the first time in 1974, starting the “24 hour” craze that’s still going strong 41 years later.  Because of that, he has been granted an automatic entry into the race each year since.  Unfortunately, he failed to run a qualifying race this year (apparently a requirement in his unique situation), and the WS Board made the decision to not allow him to start in ’16. What do you think?


It’s a horrible loss for the outdoor industry, his family, and friends, but when I’m in my 70s, I sure hope that I expire while kayaking in Chile surrounded by cool people.  RIP North Face founder Doug Tompkins.

Matt Hart takes on the doping issue.  These articles are great and it’s important to keep the conversation going, but let’s start talking about reasonable solutions that can be enacted quickly.  Step one: All RDs of prominent races (or any races!) should announce immediately that those currently serving doping bans are not allowed to run. That could be done today. Step two: Extreme pressure on sponsors who support convicted dopers. Since the MUT community is too small to effectively launch a financial boycott, it’ll have to be through shame and bad publicity.  Your thoughts?

…and if there is an epidemic of Kenyan dopers, this article suggests there won’t be a 2nd generation of them. Sounds like strong athletic performances don’t always translate to quality performances behind closed doors, ifyaknowwhatimean.

And in this podcast, Lance talks about his desire to run his first ultramarathon in 2016.  Dude, no. Just no.  So RD’s, consider yourself warned: Enact change now (before he signs up), and you can avoid a massive PR nightmare.

At the very essence of this discussion is how is doping even defined? Do we piggyback on WADA’s definitions or come up with our own? Is smoking pot on the same level as EPO?

Ellie Greenwood TNFEC
Ellie coming out of Stinson Beach. Pic by me.

Here’s Ellie’s quick report from her 2nd place at TNFECS.  And here’s a collection of great pics from the event.

Here are some gifts for the active beer lover in your life.  That bottle-holding-hoodie is pretty sweet.

No mountains? No problem! How to train for vert when you live in the flatlands.

This sounds like a great event. Mountain running, surfing, MTB, skateboarding, and more in Brazil.  Michele Yates raced there this year with a team that included Zach Miller, who she nicknames ‘time bomb” as he “is such a laid back guy, then just EXPLODES.”

Mario bids adieu to Running Times and discusses the meaning behind releasing financial info for sponsored athletes.

…and with the closure of many print mags, it looks like ultrarunning.com is doing just fine as they adapt to new markets and new media. Awesome!

Interested in a tough multi-day ultramarathon in the sand? Lookie here.

Five things a runner shouldn’t do after a marathon. Pretty lame list.

And all the best birthday wishes to one of our sport’s most colorful characters.  Errol “Rocket” Jones turns 66 today!


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