Leah Yingling Interview and New Female Gear Reviews

Leah Yingling has been tearing up trail races in the Wasatch for a few years. From podiums at The Grand Traverse, North Face, Bear, Squaw Peak, and Telluride Mountain Run, she’s also reached out to put on a popular fatass that traverses 40 miles across some incredible terrain.

Leah Lingying in the La Sal Mountains in Utah, 2018.

Leah grew up in Pennsylvania, one of four girls in a very competitive family that saw all siblings on the same high school cross country team at the same time.

From there, you’ll have to hear her story about college, trauma, training, diet, and her love for the trail community in the Wasatch Range.

Pretty much the coolest race shirt ever. Pic courtesy Leah Lingying.

Leah Yingling Episode Notes

Here’s Jeffrey Stern’s excellent piece on Leah in Ultrarunning Magazine.

Here’s the Melvin 2×4 IPA she raved about.

Intro and outro music used with permission by David Rosales

AC/DC Live at River Plate, Argentina. The concert I missed. And I dare you to slow your pace when any of these tracks come on.

Connect with Leah!

Gear Reviews with Lydia!

Lydia reviewed the following garments from rabbit.

rabbit Tops:

Lighting tank top

Bunny hop tank topĀ 

Flash trail top

rabbit Shorts:

Surf n turn short 2.5in

Catch me if you can short

Mountain climbers short

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