Jonathan Levitt: Podcasting and Predictions

Ever wondered what it takes to start a podcast? What kind of equipment is needed, what level of tech knowledge is necessary, and how and why guests are booked? Some hosts focus on accomplishments, some on deeper stories, and some avoid controversy while others take on big issues.

This past weekend I sat down with Jonathan Levitt, a runner from Massachusetts who started his own show earlier this year. We talk about finding a format, buying and learning about technology, how and why we book certain guests, advertisers, why there are still so few women in the medium, and more.

Best location EVER, but we forgot to take the pic with all of our audio gear. Oops.

We talk about why Jonathan’s friend Jeremy is an inconsiderate jerk, and I learn a bit about Inside Tracker and we finish up with some chat about Broken Arrow and our predictions for Western States Endurance Run.

Correction/Addition: In our discussion about women in the podcast medium, we somehow forgot about one of the fastest growing MUT podcasts in the space: Candice Burt’s Humans of Ultrarunning podcast.
That’s what happens when free flow a conversation without notes.

Jonathan Levitt Episode Notes

Here’s Jonathan’s podcast: For the Long Run

Jonathan uses for his show.

This is Auphonic.

Here’s Tina Muir’s interview with me from last year. Good range of subjects!

Here’s the Doug Strachan interview I mentioned.

Here’s the RODE Rodecaster Pro mixing board I use and recommend.

This interview was recorded on a 10 year old TASCAM DR-40 recorder ($125) using the RODE Podcaster ($200) and PodMic ($100) microphones. I should have adjusted my levels better.

After recording, I dumped the .wav file onto GarageBand and immediately ran it through Auphonic to get levels and mono right (it’d been recorded on two channels). The first pass thru Auphonic cleared up a nasty clicking that’d been present from the funitel operating directly above us. I then dragged the new file into Garageband, added the music and clipped out/in the teaser for the opener. Ran that new file though Auphonic again where I added the cover, notes, and tags. Took that file and uploaded it onto my server via FileZilla. Took that new URL and got it to you via PowerPress, an excellent plug-in on WordPress.

Here’s more on the fire relief run Jonathan and friends organized in November.

This is Inside Tracker

Here’s Jonathan on: Instagram | Twitter

Intro/Outro music used with permission by David Rosales.

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