Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Oct 23

Ultramarathon and trail running results from this weekend. Notable to me: 

  • Jim’s DNF at Diagonale des Fous. It’s clear that Jim’s struggling to find his groove at longer races. Either strategy he employs (holding back, a la UTMB, or running from the front like at WS100 or this weekend) is not working effectively right now when we’re talking 100+ milers.  If you were Jim’s coach, how would you counsel him?
  • More on DdF: Here’s Liza’s report from her 2nd DNF ever.
  • Dewalle’s win at the VK champs after getting busted for doping.
  • Patrick Caron‘s 13:50 at Ghost Train 100. Dayum! I’m having Patrick on the show today, so stay tuned.
  • The ongoing battle at Big’s Backyard Ultra. As of this writing, they’re starting hour 49 of this uniquely formatted race.  For some historical context, here’s my interview with co-winner Jeremy Ebel from 2014. 
  • Not mentioned: Mike Wardian ran 250 miles across the Gobi Desert two weeks ago. On Saturday, he ran a 2:39 at Baltimore Marathon, then yesterday ran a 2:54 at Marine Corps Marathon.  There are outliers, then there’s Iron Mike...oh and this guy.

Interesting: A day in the life of philosopher/ultramarathon stud Sabrina Little.  We chatted with Sabrina (nee Moran) five years ago right here.

For whatever reason, it’s cathartic for me to read DNF reports right now. Here’s a good and honest report from a DNF at Grindstone.

Listicle: The five best exercise/running habits for those of us over 40. From what I know, Wardian does all of these.

“Measuring distance and taking time is something white men invented, for we only chase after the fastest of the group.”

–How some US ultramarathon runners are connecting with native tribes in Mexico. No, this is not a repeat from 2009.

WADA removed CBD and cannabidiol from the list of banned substances.  THC still banned in competition.

The Best Run News Show: Creepy IG accounts, BoxChallenge, and more.


I host a beer party each year and the most recent event was on Saturday night. Twenty four people each brought beer, I blind poured them to everyone, and contestants had to guess what they were drinking based on a list.  Fun times!  We had everything from MGD to home-brews to Focal Banger.  Winner got 17 out of 24 correct.

Science…and why you shouldn’t always believe studies and the garbage that comes out of them.

When the race is 240 miles, the video can be almost 2 hours long.  Cool report from Moab.

Race leaders follow lead motorcycle as he takes them off course for two minutes. Meanwhile, unknown Italian dude sweeps in for the win at the Venice Marathon. Since it’s Italy, I’m pictuing mafioso sitting in a smoke filled back room of a restaurant taking bets on the race when this…unfortunate?….event happens.

How often do you shower? Here’s an interesting project by a runner who stopped taking showers and using lotions, oils, and deodorants.

100 mile data geeks, get ready to have an unproductive Monday: Check out this spreadsheet of 100 mile ultramarathons set up by Scott Simcox. It’s got complete Strava files, info on whether it’s a repeating/loop course, images of the buckle, and more.  Scott is hoping that others can help fill in any missing data or race info.  Can you help?

Quick get-to-know-ya interview with Rob Krar.

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