Fixed: The Difference Between Track and Marathon and MUT Runners

This fun little article appeared in Canadian Running Magazine last week.
It’s simply a fun take on the differences in approach and perspective between track athletes and marathon runners. Sure, it’s largely based on generalizations and it’s a bit. silly, but let’s do this.

So let’s add some Mountain|Ultra|Trail perspectives, shall we? The track and marathon answers were from the article, while I’ve added the MUT runner answer.

When coach throws a workout with a million short reps your way:

Track runner says, “Awesome.”
Marathon runner says, “Oh, no.”

MUT runner says, “Short reps? You mean like Big’s?”

When you have to work out on a brisk fall morning:

Track runner says, “Oh, no.”
Marathon runner says, “Awesome.”

MUT runner says, “Perfect weather. I wonder what it’ll be like when I finish this afternoon.”

When someone brings up the Nike Zoom Next%:

Track runner says, “Honestly, who cares?”
Marathon runner says, “I have so many opinions–do you have three hours?”

MUT runner says, “So the carbon plate is like a rock plate, right?”

When someone asks about how you fuel mid-workout:

Track runner says, “What’s a gel?”
Marathon runner says, “Maurten or bust.”

“MUT runner says, “Gels are fine, but I also like quesadillas, beer, burritos, candy, and chips. I was at a race in Boulder that had tikka masala and it was great. Totally got me past my bonk.”

When it’s winter but you have to do a hard workout:

Track runner says, “It’s treadmill time.”
Marathon runner says, “I will now put on 10 layers and my YakTrax and get this workout done in the great outdoors.”

MUT runner says, “Betta bundle up and take some selfies from the trail.”

What constitutes a long run?

Track runner says, “15K.”
Marathon runner says, “Multiply that by two.”

MUT runner, “I don’t measure in distance…only time.”

What’s the best time of year for running?

Track runner says, “Summer.”
Marathon runner says, “Fall.”

MUT runner says, “Yes.”

The race you would give up your first born to be allowed into:

Track runner says, “The Pre Classic in Eugene, Oregon.”
Marathon runner says, “The Boston Marathon.”

MUT runners were split. Men: “Western States all the way!” and women responded “This is what’s it come to? I need to give up a damn baby to get on the list?!?”


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