Jared Burdick Interview

Screenshot_2015-06-04-12-15-31-2Meet Jared Burdick. ย 

We went into this interview knowing very, very little about Jared, other than that he’d just finished 2nd place at Cayuga Trails 50M championship in New York. We’d heard that it was his first ultra, and that he had some decent times on the road. But we also knew he was Zach Miller’s college teammate and figured he’s have some stories to share.

We found a soft-spoken Korean-American electronic engineer who’s barely dipped his toe into the MUT scene, but already likes what he sees.


In this episode we talk about:

  • How he chose a tough championship race as his first ultra.
  • His nickname “Rufio.”
  • What advice Zach gave him before the race.
  • What he learned during and after the event.
  • Why he likes cats.
  • What Eric and Ethan think of the whole Alberto Salazar issue.
  • Ethan tries out some new trekking poles from LEKI.
  • Top five most clicked-on Daily News links of the week.

Episode Notes:

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