Sean Blanton | Rules and the State of the Sport

RunBum RD Sean Blanton joined me for a discussion about a call he made this past weekend that I have serious disagreements with. What better way than to discuss the issue on a live call, agree to disagree, then move on to better topics like Barkley, media, sponsors, Anton, podcasts, skydiving, and the East Coast ultra scene?

Sean Blanton
Sean Blanton, hanging.

Sean Blanton Episode Notes

Uncensored and raw, this is not an episode meant for children or sensitive ears.

Here’s Sean’s podcast: East Coast Trail and Ultra Podcast

Here’s our chat with Liz Canty, 2nd female at GDR this weekend.

Updated: Here’s a post by Gary Robbins from the 2011 Mountain Masochist in which he took a loop the wrong way and was made to return to the course and run it the correct way because everyone must run exactly the same course.

Here’s a post by Stephen Kersch where he writes about getting DQed for following the wrong trail.

Here are the results from GDR this year.

Here are the rules for GDR and here are the rules for Western States Endurance Run. Whether or not the course was not followed intentionally is not mentioned.

Sean Blanton
Sean Blanton, hanging out.

Here’s the Disgraceland podcast I mentioned. Listen to the Motely Crue episode…it’s nuts.

Here’s a piece from ultrarunning magazine about the ponies at Grayson Highlands 50k.

Here’s our interview with Jason Green.

Here’s the site for Run Bum Tours.

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