Mike Foote Interview – The Crown Traverse

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Mike Foote and Mike Wolfe dreamt up a plan to run from Missoula to Banff–a largely off-trail expedition that would have them traverse a 19,000,000 acre ecosystem right in the middle of grizzly bear season, inconsistent weather, and a million freakin peaks.

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How’d they plan it? How’d they execute it? What did they eat? How fast were they moving? What’d they talk about? Did they see any bears?

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Smiley Mike sits down with Sarah and I to share the adventure story, as well as what he’s got planned for the rest of the year…He sure left us wanting more.

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We also discuss:

  • Sarah’s weekend at Team RWB
  • Why she’s wearing Altras instead of her usual Hokas.
  • What the heck is wrong with my body? Why can’t I stay hydrated?
  • New music!

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Episode Notes

Intro music by Voodoo Switch.  Victor Ballesteros also owns and operates Victory Sportdesign. Check em out.

Here’s Mike’s blog about the run.

Here’s the link to Team RWB Trail Running Camp and here’s Sarah’s post from her weekend in Texas.

Here’s The Rut‘s site.

Outro track “Overture” by The Little Waves.

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