Mojo, Motivation, and Burnout – A Conversation with Therapist Drew Mikita

Runners’ Lack of Mojo, Motivation & Eventual Burnout 

While we’ve all experienced the excitement and subsequent motivation of trail and ultrarunning, many of us have also been through the doldrums of no motivation, losing one’s mojo, and the dreaded burnout.

Drew at Kumbu Ice Falls, Everest.

So how do you define each? Are motivation and mojo the same thing? How do they differ from each other? Are both emotional states, or is there a physical component to them?

My guest is Drew Mikita, a Licensed Family Therapist from Breckenridge Colorado who I’ve had on the show before when I had the opposite problem we discussed in this episode.  Turns out he’s also a World Record holder, but you’ll have to wait until the end of the show to hear that story.

So what can we do to proactively prevent burnout? What about when we find ourselves–or a loved one–with a lack of running motivation that’s also affecting life at home or work?  We discuss these topics, as well as some simple reminders about enjoying our time on the trails and not taking it for granted.

Taking care of your body is paramount to finishing a race. Proactively taking care of your mind and motivation should be equally important or you’ll have a tough time getting to the start line.

Drew and Molly at Base Camp

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Episode Notes

Here’s the camp I was talking about at the end of the episode. Join Magda, Zach, Meghan, Hayden and others on the iconic Western States trail in May. We’ll run, talk trail running, attend clinics, drink beer, have fireside chats, and of course run on the trail from Michigan Bluff.  There may also be some amateur alphorn concerts for anyone interested.  Organized by Fleet Feet Sacramento, this’ll be a fun time and I’m giving away a free entry on the URP Patreon Page.

Here’s Drew’s site about Psychology.






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